Windy Lake
Farm, LLC
We are proud to be a small family farm raising pastured poultry,
eggs and pork.
It is our goal to provide healthy and nutritious food while raising
the animals  humanely, the way God intended.   We strive to
educate our customers of the health benefits of animals raised
on pasture.  Our animals are all raised on pasture and are moved
to fresh grass daily.  Our feed contains NO SOY, no
antibiotics, hormones, no chemical additives, and we do not feed
animal waste by-products.
Fresh Fodder

We are now growing and using fresh sprouting fodder to feed
our livestock.  Fodder is nutritionally superior to dry
grain.  The fodder is more easily digested and the animals
are able to absorb 90% of the vitamins, minerals, and
nutrients.  When fed dry grain, they only absorb 30-40%.
The grains we use are Barley, Field Peas, Black Sunflower and
Hard-Red Winter Wheat.  NO SOY...
Windy Lake Far m
13820 State Rd. E
De Soto, MO  63020
About Us
Our Farm
The Farm Family
is John and Sarah
Grames, and their
children Grace(7),
Mylah (4) and
Baby John (2).
Sarah's parents
Larry and Debby
Ross support the
farm too!  Their
son Sam Ross
helps out when
Windy Lake Farm is a Distributor and Dealer for:

The Fertrell Co.
Producer of Organic and Natural Products for your Soil and animals

Fertrell is the oldest producer of organic fertilizers in the United States.  Their
reputation for quality and service is second to none.


Midtown Farmer's Market     Saturdays   8-12:30
6655 Delmar (Rear)  University City, MO

Tower Grove Farmer's Market       Saturdays  8 -Noon
Tower Grove Park  near pool pavilion

Arnold Farmer's Market    Saturdays  8-Noon
Arnold City Park - Jeffco Blvd. north of Hwy. 141

Clayton Farmer's Market         Thursdays 4:30-7:30   
Downtown Clayton on North Central Ave.