Commercially produced animals are treated inhumanely.  Disease and illness are caused by
overcrowding in huge barns without proper ventilation and access to

Did You Know?
In comparison to barn-raised...
Pastured Eggs Have:
1/3 Less Cholesterol
1/4 Less Saturated Fat
2/3 More Vitamin A
2  Times More Omega 3 Fatty
3 Times More Vitamin E
7 Times More Beta-Carotene
4-6 Times as much Vitamin D
Did You Know?
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Did you know?

Animals raised on pasture are nutritionally superior to
those raised in commercial factory settings

-Grocery store poultry raised in a factory setting is
subjected to as many as 40 chlorine baths during
processing.  The meat becomes saturated and retains
up to 27% of the contaminated water

-Factory chickens are routinely fed appetite stimulants
such as arsenic which is present in the meat

-Factory chickens are fed ground waste products
(heads, feet, intestines, etc...)
We move our broilers/meat birds to fresh grass twice daily.  
They are able to eat fresh grass, breathe fresh air, drink fresh
water, and are able to move in and out of the sun as they please.

Pastured - Raised,
Free Range or Organic ???
"Free Range" are not the same as Pastured
Animals.  Unlike Pastured Animals, Free
Range animals may not have access fresh
grass and sunshine.  In fact, according to the
Food Safety and Inspection Service of the
US Dept. of Agriculture, the only
qualifications for "free range or free roaming"
is that the producers must demonstrate to the
Agency that the animals are allowed access
to the outside.    In other words, if an animal
has 'access' to the outdoors (for as little as
5 minutes a day) even if it never actually goes
out, or goes onto a concrete slab, it can still
be labeled "Free Range".

Animals that are labeled "Organic" are also
generally raised in a factory house or barn
setting.  This just means that they are being
fed organically raised feed which is usually
loaded with fillers.  Again, they never really
see fresh grass, fresh air, fresh bugs or